400,000 views and still counting

Just as summer has arrived in a big way in England, my most popular online video has reached a viewcount of 400,000. That's twice as many views as all my other 41 online videos together. Sometimes Illegal?, made six years ago, is still topical, especially at a time of year like this. Its message: Most people aren't bothered at all if they encounter somebody walking or sunbathing in the nude in the countryside.

Let's add a little anecdote on this note: In January 2013 I sent around a new year's message to various friends, mentioning a few highlights of the previous year and including a couple of photos. One of them was the one you see here of me lying on a beach on the Isle of Wight, a picture extracted from the video Sometimes Illegal?. As it happened, one of my friends shared his e-mail address with his wife who was, at the time, editing a Quaker newsletter. A few days later I got a message from her, praising my new year's letter as a 'great article' that had arrived just in time. Well, it was too late to do anything about the misunderstanding: the newsletter had just been published, not only with my 'article;, but also with the photos that went with it. In the end, nobody appeared to be bothered by it, which illustrates the point made by the video.

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