Old-fashioned ways

Rural Wiltshire is quite old-fashioned, with many houses being centuries old, often with thatched roofs. What more appropriate way to explore this landscape than with a roughly 35-year old town bike and capture it with a 61-year old 8mm camera! Well, that's what I did from Monday to Thursday, staying over in pubs in Wootton Rivers and Marlborough and a small B&B in Calne. Attractions on the way included the Caen Hill Lock Flight, part of the Ridgeway, ancient stones near Avebury and plenty of white horses. The final leg saw a groundhog day experience in Chippenham (get me out of here!), a puncture near Semington, and a downpour for the final 15-20 minutes of the bike ride. All going well, the film footage will be available to watch in a few weeks' time.

This page was last updated on 18 August 2017