"Mine!!! Mine!!!"

It's incredible how keen people are on possessions, given how much unhappiness these are causing: from little children getting upset about others playing with 'their' toys all the way to those at the opposite end of the age spectrum despairing over having to let go their enormous amounts of clutter that they accumulated over many decades.

Ever since I moved to Bradford on Avon over six years ago, I have enjoyed a relatively clutter-free flat and kept it this way by more or less following the principle that for everything coming in, something else has to go. Even so, I just discovered that, were I to ask the two questions 'will I be using this in this new year?' and 'will this give me any joy in this new year?' to each and every item in my abode, the answer would be 'no' to both questions in at least 90 per cent of the case. Time for a more thorough clearout!

This page was last updated on 1 January 2019