About me

I'm a filmmaker, sound recordist, researcher and Quaker Meeting House Warden, based in the South West of England. Most recently I have just finished a book about the history of Experiment with Light. Previous freelance work for the Experiment with Light Network included sound recordings and CD cover designs for a series of guided meditation CDs launched in 2015.

I garnered two film festival successes with a tiny plastic toy mouse, mostly filmed in stop-frame animation on Super 8 ciné film. My short film Clockwork Mouse meets Robot 7 screened in four different countries and scooped an audience award at Szeged Super 8 Film Festival 2009. The spin-off project The Naked Animator made it into the Top 20 of the Straight 8 UK 2010 competition.

My most popular video to date, and my first to top 250,000 views on the internet, is the short naturist documentary Sometimes Illegal? that highlights the legal confusion about being nude in public places in England.

In recent years, most of my film- and videomaking relates to local campaigns for sustainability. For more information on this side of my work see my profile on vimeo. I am also an occasional contributor to filmshooting.com.

My main work is being Meeting House Warden for Bradford-on-Avon Quaker Meeting. In voluntary capacities, I am also webmaster of Experiment with Light, a member of the Experiment with Light Network Steering Group, and Treasurer of Climate Friendly Bradford-on-Avon.

In my spare time, you may often find me walking or cycling along the Kennet & Avon Canal. When staying indoors, I regularly play classical and flamenco guitars. Or I just sit down and read a good book by, for example, Hesse, de Beauvoir, Camus, Balzac, Schopenhauer, or Zola. One of my ambitions in life is to get through Zola's entire Rougon-Macquart cycle in the original French (I've accomplished 17 books so far, just another three to go).

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This page was last updated on 20 February 2018