About me

Since 2012 I work part-time as Resident Warden for Bradford-on-Avon Quaker Meeting. In voluntary capacities, I am Treasurer of Climate Friendly Bradford-on-Avon and Treasurer of the Experiment with Light Network. In 2018 my book Mind the Light - the story of a Quaker discipline was published. It describes the history of Experiment with Light from its beginnings in the 1990s.

I like to be creative in many different ways. In particular, I'm a keen film- and videomaker. My output includes promotional online videos, short documentaries, stop-frame animations, a multi-format music video, comedy shorts and experimental films. I often work with 8mm film. Many of my films and videos focus on environmentalism and/or naturism. For more information on this side of my work see my profile on vimeo.

What I've written about myself so far makes me sound like a busy person, so I should probably clarify that I'm a great believer in mindful laziness.

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This page was last updated on 21 December 2020