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A Warden's emotional journey
(First published in The Friend, 2020)

Written in late October 2020, this piece traces the impact the coronavirus situation had on my life and feelings since March that same year.

Snippets from my Coronavirus Diary
(First published as a 5-part series in the Bradford on Avon Quaker Meeting newsletter, 2020)

From 24 March to 22 July 2020 I kept a journal aptly named 'Cornavirus Diary', as it relates my experiences from the first day of the Covid-19 lockdown in England to the re-opening of the Quaker Meeting House in Bradford on Avon.

Why it matters how we take decisions
(First published in the Bradford on Avon Quaker Meeting Newsletter, 2020)

Triggered by the Brexit saga, this article briefly contrasts the majority vote with the way Quaker Meetings have been making decisions for the last 300 and more years.

Pondering our Privilege Experimentally
(Full article first published in the Journal of the Experiment with Light Network, 2019)

In recent years, Quakers in Britain have started to explore in detail the many privileges they (or, I should probably say, we) enjoy. On 7 April 2019 I facilitated an Experiment with Light session on our privilege at Bradford on Avon Quaker Meeting House. In this shortened version of my report, I removed most of the technical details about the session. For the full version (and the cropped image) see pages 7-9 of Journal No.30 of the EwL Network.

Mind the Light. The story of a Quaker discipline
Published 2018 by the Experiment with Light Network, 152 pages, 7 photographs

Researched and written over the course of two and a half years, Mind the Light traces the history of Experiment with Light from its beginnings in the 1990s to the present day.

My Encounter with Experiment with Light before it began
(First published in Quaker Voices, 2015)

In September 1996 Rex Ambler asked me to translate my article Gedanklicher Ausritt nach dem Austritt that had just been published in the German Quaker magazine. With a delay of over 18 years, I finally created an English version of most of it, alongside a brief introduction and postscript. The article deals with some key principles behind Experiment with Light shortly before the Experiment went out into the open.

Quäkerhaus Bad Pyrmont with my car on the right, April 1996

At the Bristol Naked Bike Ride 2012

Feeling comfortable in (only) my skin
(First published in the Redland Quaker Meeting Newsletter, 2012;

An exploration of the parallels between a naturist lifestyle and the Quaker testimonies.

The Way of Hope
(First published in Young Quaker, 2004)

English version of my fairytale Der Weg der Hoffnung, an allegorical autobiography. The German text was written in 1994 and so full of symbols and imagery that, over the years, I kept coming back to the text many times, trying to figure out what it meant. In 2003 I delivered an English version at a candlelit storytelling night as part of a workshop. People who listened to it encouraged me to write up the English version of the story and to publish it in Young Quaker magazine.

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